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Heavy cabin baggage e-voucher

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Reward description

You can now choose between two cabin baggage options when traveling on a Green or Green Classic ticket.
You can still take on board one cabin bag (55x40x23 cm) and one personal item (30x40x10 cm) with a total weight of 8 kg free of charge.
If you need to bring more but don't want to check in your suitcase and wait at the baggage belt, we now offer the option of increasing your hand baggage weight by 4 kg.
Please note! If you purchase additional cabin baggage weight, your cabin baggage must still remain within the above-mentioned dimensions. Exceeding the allowed cabin baggage weight or size limits will cost EUR 60 at the airport.

Important details

Use of the baggage e-voucher:

When purchasing baggage e-vouchers in the airBaltic Club PINS Reward shop, you must enter the booking details of your flight (booking reference number, name and surname of the passenger, place of departure and destination, flight date).

Baggage e-vouchers can be used only for flights operated by airBaltic.

Order should be made not less than 2 calendar days before the flight. (Baggage e-voucher can not be ordered at the flight day and one day before your flight).

One piece of baggage will be added to the flight indicated in your order within 48 hours of placing the order.

A confirmation e-mail that a piece of baggage has been added will be sent to you by airBaltic.

If you wish to add baggage to several flights, you should make separate orders for each baggage e-voucher.

After the order confirmation the baggage e-voucher is no-refundable. The payment for an e-voucher shall not be reimbursed. More information - https://www.airbaltic.com/en/cabin-baggage

More information on the baggage: https://www.airbaltic.com/en/cabin-baggage