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Upgrade to Business class starting from

Reward description

Upgrade the service class for your purchased airBaltic ticket and enjoy the comfort and travel privileges of Business class at the airport and on board of airBaltic!

After upgrading, you will be able to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Priority check-in

  • Security fast track (in Riga and other airports, where fast track is available for airBaltic Business class passengers)

  • Business lounge

  • Extra baggage

  • Business class privileges on board

Amount of points required for a one-way upgrade per passenger:

Region 1

Region 2

Region 3

Region 4

Region 5

Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland (excl. Kittila)


Kittila (Finland), Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Poland

Austria, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Ukraine, Hungary, Czechia, Serbia, Romania, Slovenia, Moldova

United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Greece, Italy, Spain (excl. the Canary Islands), Croatia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Portugal, Malta, Türkiye, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Israel, Iceland, Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates, Canary Islands, Morocco, Madeira, Egypt

10 000 p*

14 000 p

20 000 p

23 000 p

32 000 p**

*The price is also valid for direct flights from Copenhagen to Oslo Torp.
**The price applies for all direct flights to/from the Canary Islands and Madeira.

Important details

Upgrade to Business class for airBaltic Club points is available for airBaltic ticket holders on flights operated by airBaltic. Please note that upgrade to Business class for airBaltic Club points is a limited availability service due to the number of Business class seats available on each flight.

Terms and conditions of point upgrade to Business class:

  • Upgrade is available for scheduled regular flights operated by airBaltic.
  • Service is available for airBaltic tickets - ticket number should start with 657.
  • Upgrade for airBaltic Club points is not available for X, T, F, V booking classes.
  • Point upgrade requests can be made via airBaltic Club member service. The required amount of points must be fully paid in points - it is not possible to pay with other payment methods.
  • Upgrade can only be requested by program member, who is the loyalty account holder.
  • Upgrade can be requested for any passenger.
  • Upgrade bookings shall be on confirmed basis, wait list is not allowed.
  • Upgrade should be requested at least 1 working day before the flight - upgrade requests are processed within 1 working day after the request is submitted.
  • No discount is applicable on child and/or infant fares.
  • Baggage allowance and ticket rules are subject to airBaltic General Conditions of Carriage Passengers and Baggage, including name/date/time changes, unless stated otherwise.
  • Name/flight/date change or refund are according to the original ticket fare rules. Deducted points cannot be refunded.
  • Confirmed upgrade cannot be transferred to different person.
  • Points are credited based on paid amount for the original ticket.
  • Upgraded Business class ticket is not counted as two flown segments in tier level qualification/re-qualification.
  • airBaltic Club membership level benefits (including baggage allowance) are applicable and are provided on airBaltic operated flights if the airBaltic Club membership number is entered in the reservation.